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Continue your professional coaching development all year round. Listen to what some of the best minds in the sport are doing with their teams.

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With over 60 talks from speakers around the world, there is plenty here to find new ways to grow your team's abilities. Below we've listed the talks by category:

Athletic Performance

Three Parts of a Good Dynamic Warmup
Melissa Witmer

How to Use Team Warm Ups to Develop Athletic Movement Quality
Melissa Witmer

How To Translate Mobility & Strength Gains to Stellar On-Field Performance
Ren Caldwell

8 pillars of Functional Performance Training
Tim Morrill

Simple ways to create an athletic team culture
Ren Caldwell

Increase team compliance to your S&C program
Melissa Witmer

Developing Athleticism in Youth Teams (Middle/High School)
Ren Caldwell

Three Parts of a Good Dynamic Warmup
Melissa Witmer

Glute Power: Training for Performance & Injury Reduction
Ren Caldwell

Injury prevention for ultimate
Jamie Wolf


Drill Design, Practice Planning, Season Planning

Zone: Team fundamentals for zone defense and offense for any formation
Ben Wiggins

How to design drills that are right for your team
Sion 'Brummie' Scone

Season Planning: 3 steps to navigating 2 critical hours of your season
Mario O'Brien

The Realities of Being an Emerging Sport: Drills, Tips, and Suggestions for Practices with Limited Players or Field Space
Josh Hartzog


Better learning, better drills (skills acquisition in Ultimate)
Liam Kelly

How to Plan Focused Scrimmages Your Players Will Love!
Melissa Witmer

Coaching is Not (Just) a Team Sport: Focus on Individual Player Improvement to Build Championship Teams
Mike Payne

Designer Habits
Alex Davis

Ensuring training transfers to the pitch
Jools Murray

Team Continuity & Leadership Development

The Importance of Empowering Captains
Manisha Daryani

Teaching Leadership
Lou Burruss

Losing Control: The Development of Future Leaders
Marc van der Poest

Lessons from NUTC
Tiina Booth

Team selections: Making them fair, transparent and easier
Owen Shepherd

Keep Them Coming Back for More: How to Retain Players and Grow your program as a leader (Coach/Captain)
Lauren Boyle

One at a time, all at the same time: Finding the balance between being a player, coach, and captain of the same team
Mario O'Brien

Team Culture & Motivating Players

Help players win internal & external victories
Mauricio Moore

The do's & don'ts of talking in the huddle
Mario O'Brien

How to generate buy-in and commitment
Mish Phillips

Girl Talk: Developing a young women's team
Rachel Tosnerova

Having the Talk: Discussing Equity with Your Team
Zara Cadoux

Team culture challenges and how to fix them
Tiina Booth & Russell Wallack

Positive Coaching: How Action and Language Impact a Team
Ben Banyas

The 2-Step Process To Help Your Athletes Set Effective Goals and Achieve Them
Anna Rogacki

Constructive Communication: giving (and receiving) effective player feedback
Gwen Ambler

The Art of Coaching: A Player's Perspective
Octavia Payne

A Mental Toughness Ten-Step Programeverything you need to improve your performance as an ultimate athlete
Tiina Booth

Managing Multiple Skill Levels: It's Not One Size Fits All
DeAnna Ball

We Are What We Speak: Calling Subs, Team Meetings, and Building Team Cohesion
Matty Tsang

Ultimate Skills, Tactics & Leadership

Teaching Horizontal Stack
Sion 'Brummie' Scone

Stack Talk: Understanding 3 common offensive sets
Keith Raynor

Film Analysis - do it more!
Keith Raynor

Setting a Strong Mark
Robyn Wiseman

Defensive Positioning for Shutdown Defense
Alex Davis

How a disc flies: what a coach needs to know
Benji Heywood

A different angle on resets: a key skill for safer, more effective dumps
John McNaughton

Confident Cutting: teaching effective cuts to shake defenders & gain yards
Josh Hartzog

ACTOR: How to Teach The Fundamentals of Man Defense
Keith Raynor

Teaching self officiating as a skill
Liam Kelly

Strategy, Subs and Stats: the Science behind Calling Lines
Alex Davis

Dumps, Swings, Breaks, Oh My: Attacking Lateral Space and Using the Width of the Field.
Alex Snyder

A team approach to man defence
Kaitlyn Lovatt & Carla Difillipo

Thinking & Feeling: Building Blocks for Creating Cutters
Keith Raynor


How To Get Sponsored By Five Ultimate
Vehro Titcomb

How Disc Sports Fit into the Olympic Movement: Governance and Competition
Robert "Nob" Rauch

Winning with Spirit
Ben van Heuvelen

Gender Equity and Shaping our Community
Qxhna Titcomb

How to attract sponsors and keep them happy
Ping Bautista

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